Patensie Guest House and B&B - Contact Details

Gamtoos B&B
& Self Catering

Hosts - Rochelle or Hildie
Gamtoos B&B - 063 159 5003
Rochelle - 083 496 0292
Hildie - 0721 457 644

A Greeting From Your Hosts

At Gamtoos B&B your friendly and hospitable hostess are Rochelle or Hildie. They look forward to welcoming you and you may feel free to contact them if you seek any more information about the facilities at Gamtoos B&B or about the Patensie area in general. They will be pleased to assist you with planning excursions should you so wish.

We speak English and Afrikaans at our guest house.

Contact Particulars

Rochelle or Hildie Dicky Doubell Street
(Alexander Rd becomes Dicky Doubell Street)
South Africa
GAMTOOS B&B - 063 159 5003
ROCHELLE - 083 496 0292
HILDIE - 072 145 7644